Winter Fest Ice Sculptures Riverton, Wyoming


The Wild West Winter Carnival is going on in  Riverton Wyoming now. It usually runs from late January into early February. This is one big event that’s a lot of fun. You name it, we have it going on. There is ice fishing, poker run with snowmobiles, ice sculpting, crab crack, and the King and Queen coronation, are just some of the events. Continue reading Winter Fest Ice Sculptures Riverton, Wyoming

Auction Addiction

I have, over the past five years, become an auction addict. I really am not sure how that came to be. I can’t say that I am able to make money at this, because I’m not. I will say, that my garage is getting full, and still I go to auctions. In fact, I can’t seem to go to an auction without buying something. It is so bad, that I am on a first name basis with the auctioneers. I am not alone in this addiction, I see many of the same people showing up at all these auctions. The auction has become a social event. Continue reading Auction Addiction

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