Auction Addiction

I have, over the past five years, become an auction addict. I really am not sure how that came to be. I can’t say that I am able to make money at this, because I’m not. I will say, that my garage is getting full, and still I go to auctions. In fact, I can’t seem to go to an auction without buying something. It is so bad, that I am on a first name basis with the auctioneers. I am not alone in this addiction, I see many of the same people showing up at all these auctions. The auction has become a social event.


There are two auctions coming up this weekend, I will be at both of them. I will foolishly tell myself that I am in control. I laugh at those bidders that get into bidding wars, yet, I recently bought three air compressors when I already have a new one at home. Lord help me. My step-son mentioned he needed some tools. I accidentally walked into a tool auction. He’s got tools now. I am sure that his gas mileage went down on his trip back to Laramie when we loaded down his car. By the way, one of my air compressors went with him.knocker


We sold our van at an auction and then bought a pickup. You won’t believe all the Christmas lights and displays[s we now have. Patio furniture, indoor furniture, art, beds, books, and we bought a really cool door knocker that I still have yet to install. I think we need to take some of this stuff back to the auction.


Going to auctions in Wyoming is a bit unique. I have to give the auctioneers a lot of credit for reading the bidders. That’s what they have to do, read the bidders. The bidders do not make much, if any noise. They generally stand still with their arms crossed and do nothing but stare at their object of attention, and do all their bidding with sign language. Subtle sign language. No loud “ye-e-e-e-ps”. The bigger the war, the more subtle the sign.


Signs that mean yep. Slight jerk of the head upward. Pointing with chin. Raising the right eye brow. Raising the left eyebrow. Raising both eyebrows. Twitch of the nose. If it is a real bidding frenzy, even the nose hairs will start pointing. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it. Finger movements work too. With arms crossed raise a finger. That’s a bid. How an auctioneer can keep up with that in a room full of people is beyond me.


When a bidder has had enough, the signs are much clearer. A pursing of the lips, very slight left to right movement with the head, eyes suddenly shifting to the ground, shuffling of the feet and occasionally turning around to walk away, a sure sign of defeat.


Two auctions this weekend. Wish me luck.

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